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Did you know?
Glassless Mirrors are brighter and have a sharper image than plate glass mirrors.

Delamarva Glassless Mirrors has provided the highest quality shatterproof mirrors to clients throughout the United States.

Our MylarŪ mirrors are made of a thin reflecting film surface stretched over a sturdy lightweight substrate to provide the most reflective optical images. MylarŪ mirrors are also shatterproof, safe and, because of its lightweight, very portable. MylarŪ mirrors are specifically designed for use in the following areas
: Fitness, Dance and Rehabilitation, Ceilings and Walls, and Theater.mirrors used on broadway
MylarŪ glassless mirror wall panels are safe and lightweight and have been used in many Broadway shows and TV studio sets.

Just to name a few:

The Lion King
The Producers
A Chorus Line
Saturday Night Fever
42nd Street
Cirque du Soleil

Health Clubs

Aerobic Dance/Ballet Studios

Fitness Centers/Spas

Weight Training Facilities

Martial Arts Studios


Tanning and Toning Salons

Performing Arts/Community Centers

Ships/Military Installations

Office Buildings


Motor Homes



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